Order Custom Wheels

Order Custom Wheels

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To order custom wheels with parts listed on the site, make a selection on this page start here, and then add the hub(s) and rim(s) you'd like to complete the build. If you'd like custom wheels with components not listed on the site, please contact me (information is below).
Spokes, nipples, labor, and shipping are included in the price of the wheelbuild. If you are planning to pick up your wheels, you can enter a code at checkout and the shipping charge will be removed. (use "WHEELPICKUP" for a single wheel, "WHEELSETPICKUP" for two.)
A note about spokes. Current production DT Swiss, Wheelsmith, and Sapim spokes are of equivalent quality, but I've slightly preferred Wheelsmith spokes in the past because of their finish.
Unfortunately, Wheelsmith stopped production of their XL14 spokes a couple of years ago, and those spokes (2.0mm ends with 1.5mm middles) became increasingly hard to source. This happened at the same time as hub manufacturers had to start producing 11spd rear hubs because drivetrain component manufacturers essentially rammed 11spd drivetrains down riders' throats, which made lighter gauge spokes on the non-drive side of rear wheels more necessary.
I build with four types of Sapim spokes.
  • Race (2.0/1.8/2.0): the best "all-around" spoke.
  • Laser (2.0/1.5/2.0) very thin, flexible, and lightweight. For light road/rando wheels I suggest Lasers on the front wheel and non-drive side of the rear wheel unless you wan to spring for the CX-Rays.
  • CX-Ray (2.0/ 0.9x2.2 aero middle/ 2.0) essentially the same weight as the Laser's, but with an aero mid-section. CX-Rays can also handle more spoke tension than the Lasers. Suitable for the drive-side of rear cassette wheels. I do not use Lasers on the drive side of rear cassette wheels.
  • Strong (2.3/2.0): you will not find these listed below. I do build with them from time to time, but you'll need to contact me to order wheels with them. The larger gauge head and mid-section of the spoke make these less flexible, which makes them unsuitable for some rims. 

Prices below include matching brass nipples (silver with silver spokes, black with black). If you'd like something different please contact me.

If you prefer, wheels may also be ordered by phone or email.
  • Phone 413.207.4950
  • Email me your order and I'll send an invoice or--if you prefer--call you back at your convenience if you'd like to order with a credit card over the phone

Custom wheel orders are final. If you realize you've selected an incorrect component on your wheels, contact me as soon as possible. All post-order changes to wheels are done at my discretion. That being said, if I see something that looks odd or incompatible on your order I'll contact you. And of course you can always call or email me before you order.

If you're ordering a wheelset, make sure to put two wheel builds in your cart.