Schmidt SON28

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Schmidt has redesigned the already efficient SON28 to take advantage of the lighter hubshell and efficiency of the SONdelux hubs. The drag reduction versus the SON28 Classic hub is 15% less, and the weight is reduced by 140g. The new SON28 hub is suitable for use with "ride and charge" devices used to charge batteries, cell phones, GPS's, etc. while riding.

The SON28 has a 6V output and is compatible with all dynamo headlight and tail lights on the site. It is designed to provide at least 50,000 kilometers of use between services (over 31,000 miles) and has a five year warranty.

If you'd like the SON28 in a disc version it comes in ISO six-bolt and centerlock iterations.

If you'd like a dynamo hub with all the virtues of the SON28, but want reduced drag and weight look at the SONdelux. SON hubs are also made for folding bicycles and tricycles.

440g. Made in Germany.

All Schmidt hubs ship free to US addresses ($15 international shipping)

  • Flange diameter: 54mm
  • Center to flange: 30mm 

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