Schmidt SONdelux

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The SONdelux is a lighter, lower drag version of the SON28. The SON28's steel axle is replaced by an aluminum one in the SONdelux. The hub flanges are 50mm apart rather than 60mm (note below)*. Drag and the electric output are reduced. When used with an LED headlight the SONdelux powers lighting systems just as well as a SON28, but if you plan to use "ride and charge" type devices to power peripheral electronics from your dynohub the SONdelux might not be the best choice. Schmidt recommends the SON28 for this use.

That being said, many riders have used the SONdelux with "ride and charge" devices. The drawback is the reduced output of the SONdelux can, at lower speeds, prevent your phone, gps, etc. from receiving a charge. To be clear, the SONdelux's output is fine for any of the LED lights I sell. You can hop around the internet to find anecdotal evidence of the suitability of using the SONdelux to charge electronic devices. I won't pass any along here because someone might take it as an endorsement of this use.

You might wonder why someone using a dynamo hub would bother with a sport dynohub at all, and especially why someone would choose the SONdelux if they plan to charge their phone or gps with the hub. Brevet riders in particular are interested in the lower drag of the SONdelux. Even though the wattage difference is tiny that tiny difference adds up over the course of a long brevet.

*The SONdelux is available in a wide body version with larger flange spacing. There is no doubt that wider flange spacing results in a stiffer wheel with more lateral strength. But I do doubt that this extra strength is necessary for durability. I've yet to hear of a SONdelux wheel failing under normal riding conditions because of a lack of lateral strength, and the 50mm flange spacing of the SONdelux is shared by many perfectly durable tandem hubs. However, if you appreciate a stiff front wheel (perhaps you're a larger rider, and/or you like to ride out of saddle quite a bit), the SONdelux wide body might be a good choice.

  • 390g
  • Flange Diameter: 54mm
  • Center to Flange: 25mm

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